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Subject:Pity you stopped
Posted by:Panu Haaramo ( C2 Score: 732)  New msg
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When:1/27/09 (13:01) 
If system this good gets only "limited participation" I guess that applies to other systems as well. I didn't subscribe yet because my limit for fixed fee is $50 / month. However I may move that limit up a little bit soon if my account keeps gorwing :-) For "pay only if profitable" systems I'm willing to pay much more especially now that there is a HWM.

Following the discussion in the forums it sometimes looks like people look for high win% systems. That might explain the limited participation to some extent. Of course those high win% (>70%) systems crash (without exception in my experience) usually sooner than later.

Anyway I hope you come back and I will subscribe if the price fits into my criteria.

- Panu
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