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Subject:11/11/07 Update
Posted by:Matthew Catlin (Admin) ( C2 Score: 456)  New msg
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When:11/11/07 (20:23) 
First daily update, the format will change over time but heres an update for today.

GBP/USD . Just finished a recent move. Flat for now proabably be a week or so before anything knew on that.

USD/CAD. Short exit was back on the 7th, so now waiting for signals and indicators to line up.

AUD/USD. Waiting for indicators to align for signals.

USD/JPY. Previously short, still holdiing some, but im waiting to "post trades" here when I receive first entry signals. Short 3 Lots atm.

So as you can see, I have downtimes in my system, but it only takes 15 mins to if that, to check for signals. Which on my charts are auto. Then when I have open trades, I will be usually adding another lot for following days until a sell signal. So the $ compiles rapidly since we will be adding continuation signals each day.

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